Qt and Ezust’s libraries

Welcome, to my first blog post.

Today’s topic, my attempt at installing Qt4 Ezust’s libraries.  What a mission that was, indeed.

After about five tries, I made another attempt after a break, and downloaded the current Ezust libraries from the 2012 CD.  Don’t know, but thought that might make a difference.

Turns out, it did.  All I had to do was as instructed in the current year’s tutorial letter.  What wasn’t very clear, that many student might be confused about, is that, the libraries must be installed in a folder in the C drive.  So, when they said C:\projects\libs, they actually meant C:\projects\libs.  What I did was view an old post on osprey to figure out what to do.  So, I moved the libraries to my C:\unisa\cpplibs\libs folder and “Voila!”.  By the end of it all, the steps to follow were practically embedded in my brain.  Too bad we won’t be tested on how to install libraries in the exam 🙂

After that, was to do a test build.  To test reuse.pro from the src folder was a true pleasure after the installation.  Then, the next program to build and run was the codevisitor project.  Arguments was a tricky thing.  As, at first, I wasn’t too sure of what to do.  Then, had a look at the output in the textbook.  The codevisitor project build, and ran, BUT, there was no output.  So, I checked everything was correct, the tick was next the “Run in Terminal”, the arguments were there.  Then, what was the problem, I wondered.  I then realized that I was missing an important line of code from the codevisitor.pro file; CONFIG += console

It finally ran, but not the output that was to be expected.  I tested with the following argument “-?”, the relevant output had appeared, but with other arguments, such as <-f “*.h”> nothing appeared.  Again, left wondering.

Here, I decided to copy and paste the filevisitor header and cpp files as well as the argumentlist header and cpp files and the utils_export.h file into the codevisitor project folder.  When I added them as existing files, the project did not build.  I removed those files and left the codevisitor files as needed for the project.  It ran beautifully 😀

All that trouble took three days.

So, its not so much Qt problems, but Ezust libraries nightmare!

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